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Alana Simões has recently premiered his first documentary feature, My Brother, Best Documentary (International Baja California Film Festival),Marcel Sisniega Award (International Film Festival Veracruz), Special Mention (International Film Festival Veracruz), Honorific Mention José Rovirosa ( José Rovirosa, Filmoteca UNAM). He has directed three short documentaries and a feature film for television. Martí won the “Centro Pablo” award, Argentina 2007; Yo Dual  won the award to the best documentary short in the Cusco Festival, 2008; Taxi Libre won best documentary film on Human Rights in the “Contra el silencio todas las voces” in México City, 2010. She also filmed Del Vino al Ártico in 2014.
Simões was international relations woman in DOCMA (Documentary Film Association in Madrid) and co-creator of the cultural event //3XDOC// ENCUENTRO DE CREADORES, celebrated in Madrid every year. She worked as a Trade Production Manager in Channel 22 of México, and is currently teaching film in the ITESO university of Guadalajara.

José Ramón Mikelajáuregui, is a Film and TV director and producer. He won the Ariel Award in 1988 in the category Best Fiction Film with Sin motivo aparente. He competed with the documentary film De puro gusto in IDFA, in1994. José Ramón won the Special Award of the Jury in the Habana Film Festival in 1996 with Planeta Siqueiros, and he was nominated for the Ariel on the same year. He won the Ariel Award to Best feature Documentary Film in 2011 for La historia en la Mirada.

He premiered El poder en la Mirada in 2019 and won Special Jury Award / Special Mention “Guerreros de la Prensa” (FICG 34).

He is currently director of DIS (Image and Sound Department) in the Guadalajara University.